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Trisha  - owner of Cakers NZ Decorating Supplies

My Story

I love cake.

And I’m going to guess that you do too, as you’re here. Consider this a personal welcome from me, Trish!

Celebrating special moments with family and friends is such an important part of life, and cake makes these moments even more special.

A beautiful cake is a moment of theatre. Lighting the candles in your kitchen and walking the cake through to the kids singing happy birthday is a rite of passage.

Maybe you’ve dabbled in cupcakes and now create stunning works of buttercream or ganache cream frosting art.

Perhaps you’re a master at minimal wedding cakes, or lavish, over-the-top confections.

Whatever you’re into creating, you need the right tools.

That’s what I’m here for.

I try most of the products I source and stock, and if they don’t meet my criteria, they don’t end up on the website.

I’m always looking for new and exciting top quality, locally-sourced products, and if I can’t find them here, I’ll bring them into New Zealand so you can enjoy them.

I stand by my products 100% and I hope you enjoy trying out these products with me.

happy caking ..