About Us

A very warm welcome to Cakers NZ Decorating Supplies.

Let me tell you abit about myself and how this online website has come about.  Time to put the kettle on.

I have no professional training in the world of Cake but I live and breath it.  I love creating cakes for family and friends and over the years of watching many tutiorals I have grown my skill.  Also over these years and with alot of full cupboards of equipment this has also growen.  

I have worked along side other cake decorators which I am honoured to call my cakey friends and over these years I have also had time to try out equipment and products which in turn has lead me to the opening of my very own online website.

My goal is to try most of the products I am bringing in and if they do not meet my high criteria they don't end up on the product list (aka my website)

 I am always researching and looking for new and exciting top quality products to bring into NZ or NZ made and to make this affordable for all.  

I have two facebook cake pages  and Instagram  Cakers NZ  Decorating Supplies and Cakers NZ  which are great forums to have when we feel like we are hitting a wall and in need of ideas, designs, or just a chat. 

I love the cake community and how we all try and help each other out.  

My goaI :

At the moment I am a one women run business totally  Kiwi owned.  I am looking forward to the future and Ideally I would love to grow this business and have other cakeys working along side me and just having a blast.

I strive to offer the best service and a fast turn around time

Top quality products at affordable prices

I stand by my products 100% and I hope you enjoy trying out these products with me


And that my dears is all about me (Trish)